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Don’t Let a Minor Accident Or Sharp Turn Take The Life Of Your Four Legged Family Member!

With No Seatbelt

With Dog Seatbelt

DON’T Risk Your Dog’s Life While Driving! Keep Them Safe With The GripHarness Dog Seatbelt!

“Every year, it’s estimated that over 100,000 dogs are killed in auto accidents”

Humans All Wear Seatbelts. So Why Don’t Dogs?

The odds of a dog surviving a car accident are very slim.
Even worse, if you swerve suddenly to avoid a road hazard, your pet could be thrown around the car, severely injuring themselves… leading to a lifetime of vet bills.
Until recently, no one thought to secure their pet while driving. But that’s all changed thanks to the GripHarness Dog Seatbelt.

Travel Safe With Your Furry Friend

Since most accidents happen within a few miles from home, the GripHarness Seatbelt is perfect for both daily errands and longer road trips.

While it may look cute seeing dogs hold their head out the windows and sit on your lap in the front seat, it can be deadly with one single sharp turn or slam on the brakes.

That’s why a pet seatbelt like this is not a luxury… but a vital necessity to protect the life of your pets.

How It Works

1. Run car seat belt through GripHarness Seatbelt
2. Adjust length as needed
3. Hook to your dog’s safety vest
4. Enjoy your peace of mind

NOTE: Compatible with GripHarness including most harnesses. Do NOT attach to a neck collar as this can severely hurt your pet.

We’re Saving The Lives Of Our 4 Legged Family Members

All pet owners know the helpless pain of watching a pet suffer. To add insult to injury, vet bills can be a fortune, racking up credit card debt or exhausting savings. But there’s a solution…

Prevention is the best option. And that’s where the GripHarness Dog Seatbelt is a priceless tool for keeping our pets safe.
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